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Hurricane Ridge

updated: 1998

Scale 1:62,500 (inset at 1:24,000)
(1 inch to the mile)

Contour Interval: 100 feet (inset 50 feet)

The Hurricane Ridge map is centered on the Hurricane Ridge area of Olympic National Park. It extends from Obstruction Point on the south to Port Angeles on the north, from the Elwha River on the west to Deer Park on the east. There is a large scale inset of the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center and Ski Area. It is located on the North edge of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. 

This map includes numerous trails connecting Hurricane Ridge with Heart O' the Hills, Little River, The Elwha, and Deer Park. It includes both of Olympic National Park's high country road access points: Hurricane Ridge and Deer Park. It also contains the middle reach of the Elwha River, including numerous trails there.

The entire length of each of the following Trails are included on the
Hurricane Ridge map

Blue Mountain

Cascade Rock

Cox Valley

Elk Mtn [Elk Mtn Cutoff]

Foothills Trail System

Goblin Gates

Griff Trail [Griff Creek]

Heather Park [Mount Angeles]

Humes Ranch

Hurricane Hill

Hurricane Ridge Nature Trail

Krause Bottom

Lake Angeles-Klahhane Ridge

Lake Creek [Heart O' the Hills]

Lake Mills (Upper)

Lillian River

Little River

Maiden Peak [Elk Mtn], 
[Obstruction Point-Deer Park]

Mount Angeles Approach Trail

P. J. Lake

Peabody Creek

Peabody Creek Nature Trail


Siebert Creek Boundary

Sunrise Ridge

Switchback Trail

Vern Samuelson [Valley Creek]

Wolf Creek

Special Features:

Trails are more accurate and up-to-date than any other published map we are aware of.

Winter ski routes are highlighted on this map.

A large scale inset shows the area around the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center (Lodge) in greater detail, including ski lifts, nature trails, and 50 foot contours. 

Private land is identified with a shading pattern.

This area is at the intersection of four mismatched quads. This map is the only large scale map that doesn't break up most of the trails in this area. This map is the only one showing all of the trails accurately.

The map extends north to Port Angeles to include the entire Hurricane Ridge Road/Peabody Creek Trail corridor

Woodland shading updated to show timber harvest/regeneration activity, wildfires and other changes not shown on USGS or other commercial maps.

Map coordinates are placed on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83), and UTM coordinates are shown compatible with the National Coordinate System.

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