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Updated: 2005

Scale 1:62,500
(1 inch to the mile)

Contour Interval: 40 feet

Maximum Tide Heights shown for passing headlands.

The "Twilight" Connection...

This map includes the La Push and Quileute Reservation area, location of much of the story in the "Twilight" series of books and movies. 

Both the North and South Olympic Coast maps were purchased by the movie producers as props to add "realism", since they are the maps any local beach hiker would use for this area.

The North Olympic Coast map includes the entire northern half of the coastal strip of Olympic National Park, on the Pacific Coast of Washington State, USA. The map extends from Rialto Beach and the Quillayute River on the south, to Cape Flattery on the north, and includes Ozette Lake..

In addition to the wilderness coast of Olympic National Park, this map includes the Pacific coast portion of the Mahah, Ozette, and Quileute Reservations. This map includes the popular Ozette - Cape Alava - Sand Point Loop, But that portion is also enlarged on the Ozette Beach Loop map. 

This map was totally rebuilt digitally in 2005. It now shows depth contours and shading for both the ocean and Lake Ozette, and a new full-line UTM grid correctly aligned to the new North American Datum of 1983, perfect for GPS use.

North Olympic Coast
includes the following Trails... 

Allen's Bay

Cape Alava

Cape Flattery

Ericson's Bay

Point of the Arches Headland

Rialto Beach

Sand Point

Shi Shi Beach

Willoughby Lake

...and beaches

Warmhouse Beach
Hobuck Beach
Sooes Beach
Shi Shi Beach
Yellow Banks
Norwegian Memorial
Kayostla Beach
Chilean Memorial
Rialto Beach
First Beach (La Push)
Special Features:

Trails are more accurate and up-to-date than any other published map we are aware of.

Maximum passable tide heights are shown for locations that must be rounded at low tide. Trail and beach distances are both shown.

This map covers the wilderness coast from Cape Flattery to the Quillayute River, and all of Ozette Lake.. 

Contours and other features were digitally captured from 7-1/2' Quads. People have died falling from bluffs that don't even show on other topo maps. Yet it covers as much coastline as 5 USGS 7-1/2' Quads (and costs less than one!)

New digitally produced map contains depth contours and shading, and a full-line UTM grid to assist with GPS use, as well as all the features you've come to expect.

Woodland shading has been updated from recent aerial photos to more accurately show  timber harvest and other changes not shown on USGS or other commercial maps.

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