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Queets Valley

Updated: 2003

Scale 1:62,500
(1 inch to the mile)

Contour Interval: 80 feet (40 ft on inset)

The Queets Valley map includes the entire Queets River corridor of Olympic National Park, in the west side of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. It includes portions of the surrounding Olympic National Forest and State Forest Land.

The Queets Valley is the most isolated part of Olympic National Park, and offers the best opportunity for rain forest solitude. This map includes the entire Queets River trail system from the campground at the end of the road, to 3 miles above the end of the trail. For river runners, it also includes the rest of the river, down to the confluence with the Clearwater River near Highway 101, with boat ramps and road access points.

The entire length of each of the following Trails are included on the
Queets Valley map

Queets River Trail

Record Douglas Fir Trail

Sam's River Nature Trail

Tshletshy Creek Trail (Lower)

Special Features:

Trails are more accurate and up-to-date than any other published map we are aware of.

The only large scale map to put the entire Queets Corridor of Olympic National Park on a single map.

The Queets River alignment was updated from recent aerial photos.

Woodland shading updated to show timber harvest/regeneration activity, wildfires and other changes not shown on USGS or other commercial maps.

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