Mapping the Elwha River Restoration
Custom Correct(TM) Hurricane Ridge map

The Hurricane Ridge map covers the entire Elwha River Restoration area, and currently is being released in successive short run versions which reflect the current state of this historic project. The map shows the shrinking extents of Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell as their dams are removed. It shows road closures and viewpoints. It will be a collector's item, documenting, in near real time, the largest dam removal in US History. The third edition was released in December 2011.


Lake Aldwell as mapped before restoration began (and still shown this way on all other maps.) Lake Aldwell as mapped on the
most recent (2011) version of Hurricane Ridge.

This map is being produced by a new printing process: Digital Offset Printing. With conventional offset printing, the creation of plates, and the press is set up is so expensive that thousands of maps must be printed in order to achieve a reasonable unit cost. With digital offset printing, there are no plates, and the set-up is automated for rapidly changing jobs. So, even though the unit cost is much higher, there are no set-up costs. This means that short print runs can be cost-effective. The printed materials still have the quality and resolution of a traditional offset print job. Currently, I'm printing 300 maps at a time, with a revision between each printing. This allows the map to be up to date to the changing conditions of the restoration project.

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