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Seven Lakes Basin-

Updated: 2009!

Scale 1:62,500 (inset at 1:24,000)
(1 inch to the mile)

Contour Interval: 100 feet

The Seven Lakes Basin - Hoh map includes the Seven Lakes Basin Loop and High Divide, as well as the entire Hoh Rain Forest trail. This popular area is located in Olympic National Park,  in the Northwest corner of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. 

This map was totally rebuilt digitally in 2009. It now shows an incredibly three dimensional shaded relief behind all the usual map information. This map includes Trailheads at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort and campground, the Olympic Hot Springs, and the Hoh River Campground and Visitor Center. There is a rich system of trails connecting these three trailheads, with numerous loops available, as well as several well known off-trail traverses, including the north end of the Bailey Range. The area includes the high country of the High Divide, Appleton Pass, Boulder Lake, and Glacier Meadows (the base camp for climbing Mount Olympus), as well as the world famous temperate rain forest of the Hoh Valley, and the ancient forest of the Sol Duc. It also includes the only two hot springs on the Olympic Peninsula, the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, and the primitive Olympic Hot Springs at Boulder Creek.  It now has a full-line UTM grid correctly aligned to the new North American Datum of 1983, perfect for GPS use.

The entire length of each of the following Trails are included on the
Seven Lakes Basin - Hoh map

Appleton Pass

Blue Glacier Moraine

Blue Glacier Terminus

Bogachiel Peak

Boulder Lake

Cat Basin

Cat Peak

Crystal Ridge

Deer Lake

Hall of Mosses Nature Trail

High Divide

Hoh Lake

Hoh River

Little Divide

Lover's Lane

Lunch Lake

Mink Lake

Olympic Hot Springs

Oyster Lake

Seven Lakes Basin Loop

Seven Lakes Basin Way Trails

Sol Duc Campground Loop

Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc River

Spruce Nature Trail

Three Horse Lake

It also includes the upper portion of the

Bogachiel River Trail
Special Features:

Trails are more accurate and up-to-date than any other published map we are aware of.

This map puts some of the most impressive and sought after destinations in Olympic National Park on one seamless and complete map. 

NEW! A large scale inset shows the compact Seven Lakes Basin area in greater detail, including 50 foot contours and the most accurate lake outlines yet. 

Woodland shading has been updated from recent satellite imagery, and recent aerial photos to more accurately show  vegetation patterns near timberline, as well as  wildfires and other changes not shown on USGS or other commercial maps.

Map coordinates are placed on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83), and UTM coordinates are shown compatible with the National Coordinate System, with a full line UTM grid.

(There is no private land shading on this map because all the land shown is public.)


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