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The Brothers -
Mt Anderson

Updated: 1998

Scale 1:62,500
(1 inch to the mile)

Contour Interval: 100 feet

Includes National Forest
Wilderness Map information
printed on back.

The Brothers - Mount Anderson map is centered on The Brothers Wilderness, in Olympic National Forest, and the Duckabush and West Fork Dosewallips valleys in Olympic National Park on the Eastern edge of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State, USA. 

This map includes the Mount Anderson Massif (the triple divide of the Olympic Mountains), and the high country trails south of there at the headwaters of the East Fork Quinault, the West Fork Dosewallips, the Duckabush, Hamma Hamma, and North Fork Skokomish. It also includes numerous trails on the edge of mountains. 

The entire length of each of the following Trails are included on 
The Brothers - Mount Anderson map

Anderson Glacier

Anderson Pass

Duckabush (Upper)

Duckabush River

First Divide

Hart Lake

Hart Pass

Jefferson Ridge

La Crosse Pass

Lake La Crosse

Lake of the Angels

Lena Lake

Mount Hopper

Mount Jupiter

Muscott Creek

Old Lower Dosewallips

O'Neil Pass


Ranger Hole

Scout Lake

The Brothers Approach

Upper Lena Lake

West Fork Dosewallips River

Special Features:

Trails are more accurate and up-to-date than any other published map we are aware of.

National Forest Roads are up-to-date,  with current road numbers.

Private land is identified with a shading pattern.

Woodland shading is updated to show timber harvest/regeneration activity, wildfires and other changes not shown on USGS or other commercial maps.

The Brothers - Mount Anderson is one of four Custom Correct (tm) maps that have been adopted by the Olympic National Forest as their official Wilderness Maps. Rather than create a separate map series at taxpayer expense, the US Forest Service chose the best maps on the market, and contracted to place their Wilderness information on the back. This special relationship has continued since 1986.


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