How To Find Which Map(s) You Need

If you know the area you are interested in, find it on the generalized map below.
The initials on this map correspond to the map initials in the table below

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Index to Custom Correct Maps Ozette Beach Loop North Olympic Coast South Olympic Coast South Olympic Coast South Olympic Coast Mount Olympus Climbers Map Seven Lakes Basin - Hoh Bogachiel Valley Lake Crescent - Happy Lake Ridge Hurricane Ridge Elwha Valley Gray Wolf - Dosewallips Buckhorn Wilderness The Brothers - Mount Anderson Mount Skokomish - Lake Cushman Enchanted Valley - Skokomish Quinault - Colonel Bob Queets Valley

If you know the trail(s) you want to see by name, look them up in the index following the key.

Map Initial Key
BV Bogachiel Valley (1997)
BW Buckhorn Wilderness* (1999)
EV Elwha Valley (2001)
EVS Enchanted Valley - Skokomish (2003)
GWD Gray Wolf - Dosewallips (2000)
HR Hurricane Ridge (1998)
LCHLR Lake Crescent - Happy Lake Ridge (1994)
MOCM Mount Olympus Climber's Map (2001)
MSLC Mount Skokomish - Lake Cushman* (1998)
NOC North Olympic Coast (2005)
OBL Ozette Beach Loop (1994)
QV Queets Valley (2003)
QCB Quinault - Colonel Bob* (1994)
SLBH Seven Lakes Basin - Hoh (1996)
SOC South Olympic Coast (2005)
TBMA The Brothers - Mt Anderson* (1998)
The initials in the table to the left correspond
both to the initials in the map outlines on the
index map above, and to the initials in the
"MAP" column of the trail index table below.

*The maps shown in green are the
Wilderness Maps for Olympic National
Forest. They are printed on the back with
Forest Service Wilderness Information.

Agency Code Key
D Dept of Natural Resources
F Olympic National Forest
P Olympic National Park
T Tribal
U Unmaintained

The initials in the small table above
correspond to the initials in the "Agency"
column in the trail index table below.


Index to Olympic Peninsula Trails

Custom Correct (tm) Maps are specially designed to include entire trail systems on each map. So, for any trail, you never need more than one map. To do this, the maps overlap, rather than tiling, as quad maps do. Consequently for many trails contained in the overlap areas, you have a choice: either map will cover the whole trail. Longer routes may string together enough individual trails that you need more than one map.

Multiple map initials indicate overlapping coverage of the trail, with the primary map's initials listed first. Unless (pt) follows the map initials, the trail is totally contained on that map.

(pt) after one of the map initials indicates that only part of the trail is on that map. A few peripheral trails with (pt) after the trail name are only partly contained on a single map.

Names in brackets after the trail name are alternate names for that trail. Parentheses after the trail name further describe the trail.


Trail Map(s) Agency
Allen's Bay NOC U
Anderson Glacier TBMA, EVS P
Anderson Pass TBMA, EVS P
Appleton Pass SLBH P
Aurora Creek LCHLR P
Aurora Ridge LCHLR P
Badger Valley GWD, EV, HRpt P
Barnes Creek LCHLR P
Barnes Creek (Upper) LCHLR P
Big Creek Campground Loop MSLC F
Big Quilcene (Lower) BW F
Big Quilcene (Upper) BW F
Black and White Lakes EVS, MSLC P
Blue Glacier Moraine MOCM, SLBH P
Blue Glacier Terminus MOCM, SLBH P
Blue Mountain GWD, HR P
Bogachiel Peak SLBH, MOCM P
Bogachiel River BV, SLBHpt P
Boulder Lake SLBH, LCHLR P
Brown Creek Campground MSLC F
Cameron Creek GWD P
Cameron-Lost Pass GWD, EV P
Cape Alava NOC, OBL P
Cape Flattery NOC T
Cascade Rock LCHLR, HR P
Cat Basin SLBH, MOCM U
Cedar Lake GWD P
Charlia Lakes Way BW, GWD U
Colonel Bob QCB F
Constance Pass BW, GWD P, F
Cox Vally HR, EV P
Crystal Ridge LCHLR, SLBH U
Deer lake SLBH P
Deer Ridge GWD, BWpt F, P
Dirty Face Ridge BW F
Dodger Point Way EV P
Dosewallips River GWD, BWpt P
Dry Creek EVS, MSLC F
Duckabush (Upper) EVS, TBMA, MSLC P
Duckabush River TBMA F, P
Dungeness (Upper) BW, GWD F
Dungeness River (Lower) BW F
Eagle Lakes LCHLR P
Elip Creek QCB P
Elk Lake MSLC F
Elk Mtn [Elk Mtn Cutoff] GWD, EV, HR P
Elwha Basin EV, MOCM U
Elwha Campground Loop LCHLR P
Elwha River EV P
Enchanted Valley EVS P
Ericson's Bay NOC, OBL P
Finley Peak QCB U
First Divide EVS, TBMA, MSLC P
Flapjack Lakes EVS, MSLC P
Fletcher Canyon QCB F
Foothills HR D
Four Stream EVS, MSLC U
Goblin Gates EV, HR, LCHLR, SLBH P
Gold Creek BW F
Goodman Creek Headland SOC P
Grand Lake [Lillian Ridge] GWD, EV P
Grand Pass GWD, EV P
Graves Creek Nature EVS, QCB P
Graves Creek [Lake Sundown] EVS P
Gray Wolf Pass GWD P
Gray Wolf (Lower) GWD, BW F
Gray Wolf River (Upper) GWD P
Griff [Griff Creek] LCHLR, HR P
Hall of Mosses Nature MOCM, SLBH, BV P
Happy Lake Ridge LCHLR P
Hart Pass TBMA, EVS U
Hayden Pass EV P
Heather Creek BW, GWD U
Heather Park [Mount Angeles] HR P
High Divide SLBH, MOCMpt P
Hoh Head Headland SOC P
Hoh River SLBH, MOCM P
Hoh-Bogachiel BV P
Hoodsport Trail State Park MSLC S
Humes Ranch EV, HR P
Humptulips River (Upper) (pt) QCB F
Hurricane Hill HR P
Hurricane Ridge Nature HR, EV P
Indian Pass BV P
Irely lake [Big Creek][Three Lakes] QCB P
James Pond SOC P
Jefferson Lake MSLC F
Jefferson Ridge MSLC, TBMA F
Kalaloch Beaches SOC P
Kalaloch Loop SOC P
Krause Bottom EV, HR, LCHLR, SLBH P
La Crosse Pass TBMA, EVS P
Lake Angeles-Klahhane Ridge HR P
Lake Constance BW, GWD P
Lake Creek [Heart O' the Hills] HR P
Lake Cushman State Park MSLC S
Lake La Crosse TBMA, EVS, MSLCpt P
Lake Mills LCHLR P
Lake Mills (Upper) EV, HR, LCHLR, SLBH P
Lake of the Angels MSLC, TBMA U
Lake Quinault Nature Trails QCB F
Lake Success EVS U
Lena Lake TBMA, MSLC F
Lillian River HR, EV P
Little Divide SLBH P
Little Quilcene BW F
Little River HR P, D, F
Long Ridge EV P
Lover's Lane SLBH, LCHLR P
Low Divide EV, MOCM P
Ludden Peak Way EV, MOCM U
Lunch Lake SLBH P
Maiden Peak [Elk Mtn], [Obstr. Pt.-Deer Park] HR, GWD, EVpt P
Marmot Pass BW, GWD F
Martin's Park EV, QCB P
Marymere Falls LCHLR P
Maynard Burn Way [Baldy Way] BW, GWD U
Mildred Lakes MSLC F
Mora Loop SOC P
Mount Angeles Approach HR U
Mount Ellinor MSLC F
Mount Hopper EVS, TBMA, MSLC P
Mount Jupiter TBMA P
Mount Muller Loop (pt) LCHLR F
Mount Olson EVS U
Mount Olympus Climbing Routes MOCM C
Mount Rose MSLC F
Mount Townsend BW F
Mount Washington MSLC F
Mount Zion BW F
Muscott Creek TBMA, BW, GWD U
Ned Hill GWD, BW F
North Fork Quinault QCB P
North Fork Sol Duc LCHLR P
O'Neil Pass TBMA, EVS, MSLCpt P
Oil City SOC P
Old Lower Dosewallips TBMA, BW, GWD U
Olympic Hot Springs SLBH, LCHLR P
Oyster Lake SLBH P
P. J. Lake HR, EV P
Peabody Creek HR P
Peabody Creek Nature HR P
Pete's Creek QCB F
Pete's Creek (Lower) QCB F
Point of the Arches Headland NOC P
Price Lake (N&S) MSLC U
Pyramid Mountain LCHLR P
Queets River QV P
Ranger Hole TBMA F
Rialto Beach NOC, SOC P
Royal Basin BW, GWD P
Royal Basin (Upper) BW, GWD U
Ruby Beach SOC P
Rugged Ridge BV F, P
S. Skokomish River (Lower) MSLC F
S. Skokomish River (Upper) EVS F, P
Sadie Creek LCHLR D
Sam's River Nature QV P
Sand Point NOC, OBL P
Scout Lake TBMA, MSLC U
Second Beach (La Push) SOC P
Seven Lakes Way Trails SLBH U
Shady Lane EVS, MSLC P
Shi Shi Beach NOC U
Siebert Creek Boundary HR U
Silver Creek BW U
Silver Lake BW F
Six Ridge EVS P
Skokomish River EVS, MSLC P
Skyline QCB P
Slab Camp GWD, BW F
Slide Camp [Baldy Way] GWD, BW U
Smith Lake EVS, MSLC P
Sol Duc Falls SLBH, LCHLR P
Sol Duc River SLBH P
South Fork Hoh River MOCM P, U
Spruce Nature MOCM, SLBH, BV P
Spruce Railway LCHLR P
Staircase Rapids EVS, MSLC P
Sundown Pass EVS P
Sunrise Ridge HR P
Switchback HR P
Taylor Point Headland SOC P
The Brothers Approach TBMA, MSLC F, U
Third Beach (La Push) SOC P
Three Forks GWD U
Three Horse Lake SLBH, LCHLR U
Tshletshy Creek (Lower) QV U
Tshletsy Creek (Upper) QCB U
Tubal Cain Mine BW, GWDpt F
Tunnel Creek BW F
Upper Lena Lake TBMA, MSLC F, P
Vern Samuelson [Valley Creek] HR O
Wagonwheel Lake EVS, MSLC P
West Elwha LCHLR P
West Fork Dosewallips River TBMA, GWDpt P
Willaby Creek [Big Cedar] QCB F
Willoughby lake NOC U
Wolf Creek HR, EV P
Wynoochee Pass EVS P, F


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