The producers of the Twilight films "New Moon" and "Eclipse" purchased copies of the Custom Correct Maps of the Olympic coast as props for the movies. They were striving for authenticity.

It was a good choice. If Bella needed a map to hike the coast in the La Push area, she, like most locals, would have purchased the Custom Correct "North Olympic Coast" and "South Olympic Coast". She would probably have bought them at Forks Outfitters, or the Olympic National Park Visitor's Center in Forks. Though neither map can warn you of dangers of werewolves or vampires, they can warn you of dangerous headlands, and how low the tide must be to round them. They can lead you in your own exploration of the wildest coast in the lower 48.

We know they bought the maps for props, but it appears they were never used in the movie. So we have suspended the contest to find them. Thanks to all of you who looked for them!


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